On Paradise

What is paradise like? The most common notion is of a beautiful place, with lush greens, pristine blue skies, splendid landscapes, breath-taking scenery, gorgeous fields of flowers, shimmering riches and gold and so much more for the eyes and soul to feast on.  

A paradise is a genuinely perfect existence. That thought makes life fade away in comparison. The life we live – which is ugly and beautiful, sweet but sour, unfair and unkind but also remarkable and entertaining. Life is black and white, and all the colors of the rainbow.  It is absolutely everything we have, so why do we resent it?

Can we reach a state of paradise in our lives, or is that just an illusion?

Consider for a second that paradise is nowhere. Paradise is what you feel at a certain point in time. You can't go around looking for it as a place that exists somewhere in specific. Paradise is more something you feel at a certain time. It's in that moment.

Can we aim for a mental paradise? The state of mind to achieve, where we are not bound by frustrations, idiosyncrasies, self-made limitations, or even shattered dreams.

If we don't immediately say no
If we take a second before we speak our mind
If we look at people a tad different
If we look beyond the obvious
If we look at them with an unbiased eye; no judging, no stereotyping
If we know when to leave
If we know when to say little and when not to say anything at all
If we realize there is so much more beneath the dull surface
If we nudge that nagging feeling that scares us, and do it anyway
If we don’t fall prisoners to the past
If we silence the raging daemons in our heads

If we are open

There is a whole new world; waiting for us to experience. Full of new opportunities, and new dimensions to explore and learn from - about ourselves, about life, about others. There are new venues to take and endless possibilities, and also new mistakes and new interests to pursue. Every single new experience, even if small or trivial, adds meaning and depth to our own life.

If nothing else, it might lead us to recognize the fine line between living and being alive.

~ misteca
Inspired by these lyrics from the song Beached, by Orbital
Trust me
It's Paradise
This is where the hungry come to feed
For mine is a generation that circles the globe
in search of something we haven't tried before
so never refuse an invitation
never resist the unfamiliar
never fail to be polite
and never outstay your welcome

just keep your mind open and
suck in the experience
and if it hurts
you know what ...
it's probably worth it

Summer Lovin'

The butterflies in the room were captivated by the presence of Moon. They fluttered in awe, reflecting her illuminating light off their colored wings. Their graceful movement spread a delicate scent of Jasmine across the room.

Deeply absorbed in thought, Moon was never oblivious to the sweet sighs that followed wherever she went. The Cleopatra of Elements, she knew how to impress an audience. She looked stunning in a full-length beaded gown that flattered her voluptuous, left-handed sea shell figure. Instead of casting her mesmerizing smile, Moon tiptoed quietly and sat next to Earth and Heat.

They knew she was consumed with worry. Every thought racing though Moon’s mind was scented with Jasmine. The room was quickly filling with her gorgeous sweet aroma.

In his rough, husky voice, Heat interrupted the fragrant silence.

I can’t thank you enough for coming on such short notice. We’ve all been extremely concerned. It’s been over a week and Sun has not fully recovered. I’m afraid his body is still too weak. Nighttime, this time of year, isn’t long enough for him to regain his strength and energy.’

Moon was not able to contain herself.

My radiance is failing me. I cannot believe it is not sufficient for my precious Sun. This is all because of the humans and their man-made global warming crisis!’

I do admit I’m exhausted but please relax’. Sun smiled confidently to the Elements as his furry hair glistened in shades of crimson and gold. ‘This is a transition phase. I’m just adapting to the massive increase of global heat waves.’ Only able to relax when he’s bent, Sun resembled the figurine of a dancing ballerina.

There was a sound at the door.

Sashaying flamboyantly into the elegant room, Snow faced her family of Elements for the first time since February. She glistened from Sun’s rays that reflected on her translucent, rectangular surface. No one had expected her arrival to Summer Seminar, where her grainy sand-like skin shrivels as she loses moistness.

She hopped like a baby kangaroo into the velvet lap of chocolate brown Earth. With jazz-like soothing sound of rainfall, she whispered ‘I miss you’.

Earth closed his almond colored eyes. He rejoiced in the serenity of the moment and held onto Snow, breathing in her tenderness.

Snow put on her serious face and spoke to Sun. ‘My moisture can cool you. I want to do this. Please let me help you.’

But my sweet little doll! How can I let you dry out and miss a winter or two?

‘You shine our days. How can we be without your bright rays of hope. I'll gladly miss all my winters.’

Moon somersaulted to Snow, and hugged her tight. For the past five years, Snow had only brief encounters with Earth. It yearned to stay in his arms for a whole season of passion. 

‘You are incredible Snow! Please save my Sun’.  

Intertwining its tiny fingers with Earth’s, Snow began to rub its moisture into Sun. Snow would get a summer full of lovin’ with Earth.

Love is always the cure. Nothing beats Summer Lovin! 

~ misteca

Of Silence

I am wrapped in echoes of silence. Renowned as tranquil, in this particular moment the sound of silence is deafening. I attempt to escape but I am numb.

I close my heavy eyes trying to deceive my ears in earnest. If I cannot see, then perhaps this piercing loudness can wither away. I sigh. Like slow morning sunshine seeps into a room, I breathe in all the colors of life.  Though when I open my eyes, I see the colors blend into hues of black and white. Darkness has become my only sun. I wonder how can sunshine make me burn inside.

Suddenly a curtain descends in front of my eyes. It traps all of my senses. A wave of emotions crashes into me. I’m shattered into a million little pieces. Instinctively, I look around. Everything appears the same. Even though I realize it is all so different.

What I see in front of me is nothing I want to embrace.
I’m paralyzed.

Small incoherent thoughts begin to cloud my head.
What is this?
Why is this?
Why me?
Why now?
Why again?
When will it go away?

There’s a crack in my soul; it tugs at me in all the wrong places. I can feel the void. The taste of bitterness contains me. I’m drowning. My broken soul cannot drift to the distant shore of hope.

Irony of ironies is how emptiness can hurt, how nothingness can cause pain.

A cage of sadness traps my tears in words I cannot say.

I scream in silence. 

Never thought your love would take me here
Never thought you’d feel you must leave
Never thought your love would burn me
Never thought I’d lose the one thing I truly believe

~ misteca